Calendar & Members Portal Introduction

This Page will help you understand the tools your newly rented Shared Kitchen uses to manage your account and kitchen time.


You’ll be provided with log-in credentials to use our automated systems. In total you’ll have 2 sets of credentials.

  1. Station Booking Calendar- To book shared spaces only and track kitchen usage time.
  2. Members Portal- To submit maintenance or account request. It also features online payment center with account history features.


All facility kitchen time is managed through an easy-to-use cloud calendar. Log-In credentials will be emailed to you during your on-boarding process. Upon your first Log-In a tutorial will play. Please click-through the flashing red dots to activate.


Access to your Members portal should already be activated. Activation was completed during the signing of your Kitchen Agreement.

  1. Through this system management will send out monthly invoices.  A simple reminder will be sent out prior to the first of the month, it will then be your job to log in and view all applicable monthly charges for kitchen usage.Payments can be made via Electronic Check for free, or Via Credit Card (Convenience Fee Applies). The preferred form of payment is via an Electronic Check.
  2. The request tool contained within this area allows for a streamlined conversation of concerns, requests, and changes. All non emergency concerns or request should be remitted via your members portal.

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