Don’t worry; we’re not here to critique your business plan. It’s merely advisable that before renting kitchen space, you have a basic business plan in place. Remember Dream Kitchen has the service to help you get started so if you are looking for a little extra help give us a call. Here some basic question’s every business should be able to answer:
  1. Who you are?
  2. What are your Products and Services?
  3. How will you Sell those Products and Services?
  4. What’s your Budget?
  5. How do you plan to leverage a Shared Kitchen to Start, Grow, and Expand?
Running a business in today’s competitive business world is tough. The money saved by using a Shared Kitchen will allow you to develop your marketing pieces. Dream Kitchen highly recommends that before you start spending money on facilities you have at the very least:
  1. A Professionally Designed Logo
  2. Website w/ Products or Service Menu
  3. Business Cards
  4. Product Sell Sheet or Service Menu

A successful food business starts with, Food Safety. All users as required by state law you must have individual licensing in place to sell food to the public.

State License

State laws require that one State Licensed staff member be present at all times while prepping, cooking, manufacturing, or serving of any kind.

  • Foodservice Sanitation Managers License. Requires taking an eight-hour course, and passing the test. Once the test is taken and passed, you must pay applicable state fee ranging of $35. Dream Kitchen offers this class and test for $85.

State Certificate

State laws require that all nonmanagerial positions carry a Food Safety Principals certificate.

  • Food Safety First Principals certificates require taking a four-hour online course and can be taken directly with Dream kitchen at a cost of $7 per person.

County and or City

  • Depending on the location of your elected Dream Kitchen facility. Local Health Departments may require an extra permit and or application. If this is the case, Kitchen Management will provide you with application assistance.


  • USDA and FDA  may require an extra permit and or application for very specific types of operations. This mostly applies to interstate commerce, wholesaling, meat processed products, and a few other types.

Background Check

Our facilities operate on a 24/7 365 shared working environment, and we take safety seriously. Company owners and access holders must pass a background check. Individuals with any history of the listed items below will receive an application denial.

  1. Food Tampering Charges
  2. Sexual Offences
  3. Criminal Battery Charges within two years of Application Date

Insurance Certificate

A Certificate of Insurance naming your selected kitchen and its address as an Additional Insured.

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