Getting Started Process

1| Submit Rental Application

11At the bottom of this page, you’ll find a button that will lead you our Application Submission Page. Read through the following 5 items to understand the steps we will both take to get your account active. 

2| Application Review

72During the review process we  gather and verify the following:

  1. Copy of your Food Service Mangers License
  2. Copy of your Certificate Of Insurance
  3. Process A Background Check for 24/7 365 Facility Access
  4. Review Application Q/A Section

3| Agreement Signing

114Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you’ll receive an email with a secure link to view and sign your Kitchen Rental Agreement. During this process, you will be prompted to create a password. Please note that this newly created password will allow you to access your  Dream Kitchen Members Portal so do not forget it. Once you have signed the agreement, the system will notify us so that we to can review and countersign the agreement.

4| Pay Deposit and First Month

115Once your agreement has been countersigned you’ll receive an email notice to log into your members portal. There you’ll be able to view your first set of fees (Deposit and First Month). Please note that the preferred payment method is electronic check which is provided via the members portal at no charge. If you elect to pay with a credit/debit card you will be responsible for the convenience fee levied by the payment processor.

5| Receive Access

80That last and most important step. A Dream Kitchen Staff member will contact you to set up a meeting at your newly rented kitchen space. During this time you’ll receive:

  1. Booking calendar credentials and instructions
  2. Facility access credentials (Access Card,  Key, or Door Code)
  3. Review basic but important usage polices outlined in the Dream Kitchen Handbook.


6| Book Your First Date

21Simply remember the following:

  1. 24/7 365 access means you can access the facility to drop off and or pick supplies/product at any time.
  2. You’ll only need to use the Dream Kitchen station calendar when reserving kitchen time and space.
  3. Make sure that during pickups and drop offs you are not disturbing other members in the space.
  4. When you’re scheduled to be in a workstation make sure all helpers and/or visitors follow our food production dress code of proper head covering, closed-toe shoes, and apron or chef coat.
  5. Always clean up after yourself.

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