If the individual wants to be an annual permitted truck there will need to be a plan review of the mobile unit.   Once the application, supporting documentation, and fee is received a review can begin.  The individual will receive comments whether they are questions or such.  Once everything has been addressed hopefully an approval can be given for the build-out of the unit.  The individual will have to have the unit inspected before operation by our Department and the State plumber, plus a fee for the annual health permit.

The other option for the individual depends on if they want to be permitted as temporaries.  This allows for no plan review however, each event the mobile unit is attending will have to be permitted as a temporary so depending on the category that can add up.  This type of temporary does not allow for catering unless a temporary again is applied for.

I hope that this helps.  If you or any individual has any questions please let us know.


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