We hope you found the facility to be an exciting option in starting, growing, or expanding your foodservice dreams. I am more than positive your mental gears are turning. Let’s grease those gears and point you in the right direction. Below you’ll find the recommended steps to get started with Dream Kitchen.

Kevin Echevarria- Co Founder

1| Understand The Requirements

Liability Insurance

Required/Kitchen Policy Important Details
  • 1,000,000 for each occurrence
  • 2,000,000 general aggregate
  • 100,000 for rented premises

Background Check

Required/Kitchen Policy Important Details
  • No food tampering charges
  • No sex offender charges
  • No battery charges within 2 years
  • No theft charges within 2 years

Managers License

Required/State Law Important Details
  • 1 licensed manager must oversee all food prep and serving
  • Take an eight-hour course
  • Pass the state test
  • Pay the state license fee of $35

Principals Certificate

Required/State Law Important Details
  • All kitchen helpers must have this certificate
  • Four-hour online course
  • Pass online test

2| Organize And Plan

Don’t worry; we’re not here to critique your business plan. It’s merely advisable that before renting kitchen space, you have a basic plan in place. Remember Dream Kitchen has the service to help you get started so if you are looking for extra help let us know.


Advised /Increase Success Organize The Following
  • Start Date
  • Get insurance quotes
  • Get insurance certificate
  • Who on my team needs a manager license?
  • Who on my team needs a handler certificate?
  • Where to immediately sell
  • Get team members properly licensed


Advised /Increase Success Answer The Following
  • Do you need expert help from Dream Kitchen?
  • Who you are?
  • What are your Products and Services?
  • How will you Sell those Products and Services?
  • What’s your Budget?
  • How will the shared kitchen help you?

3| Request App


Required Application Steps
  • Select support services
  • Choose rental package
  • Submit application with $30 fee
  • We review and approve
  • Execute your Rental Agreement
  • Pay deposit and first month
  • Receive booking calendar credentials
  • Receive facility access keys
  • Fill out county and city license documentation (If required)

4| On Board

First Month

Begin Using Kitchen On boarding
  • Once your application has been accepted and Occupancy Agreement signed. You’ll receive an Invoice for your first months package fee and package deposit. Once payment has been remitted you’ll receive:
  • Commissary Certificate
  • Dream Kitchen App Credentials
  • Booking Calendar Credentials
  • Facility Proximity Card or Applicable Access Code

Ecosystem Services

Dream Kitchen EDU

Get 3 months free at Dream Kitchen after successful completion of Dream Kitchen EDU program.


Dream Kitchen members can have their website professionally designed with $300 down and $100 payments for 5 months.


Dream Kitchen members can have their logo professionally designed with $200 down and $125 payments for 2 months.

State License and Exam

Take the course material online. Then visit a local testing center to take your state test. Our partnership with 360 training has an enabled us to offer both the course and exam for $99

Handler Certificate

Take the course material and certificate exam online. Our partnership with 360 training has an enabled us to offer both the course and exam for $7

FLIP Insurance

Insurance comes in all shapes and sizes. Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP) provides policies that are perfect for startups and your budget. Please note that Dream Kitchen does not require that you use FLIP, this is only a recommendation.