Hello, I am Sarah with Dream Kitchen.

We request that you respond to the questions below to be featured on our Dream Kitchen Behind The Scenes Series! Depending on your level of activity some members are asked to participate in video interviews and or social media posting.
We try to dedicated a week featuring you, your business, and the products or services you create at Dream Kitchen.
The quantity of posting is dependent on your ability to engage our questions and information collection process.
The questions below are what we consider step 1 in the data gathering process. Answer the questions as thoroughly as you wish; we will use this information to determine the order and story line of the series. Once selected to participate there will be no cost to you. Dream Kitchen and our sister company Your Dream Brand are working together to bring this series to fruition. Thank you so much for participating in this first step.
At the end of your questionnaire, please hit submit and continue reading the “How You Can Help Now” section located directly to the right left of this page. There you’ll find quick tips that will help your business and this series make the most of the free social media exposure offered.

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Here's how you can help Now!

  • Make sure you have liked all of Dream Kitchen’s social media page’s.
  • https://www.facebook.com/shareddreamkitchen/
  • Location Tags: @Shared Dream Kitchen-LITH
  • Location Tags: @Shared Dream Kitchen- Elgin
  • Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/Kitchen_Chicago/
  • https://twitter.com/Foodie_Dreams
  • Find your Dream Kitchen location on Google Plus
  • Check in at Dream Kitchen via Facebook at beginning of your rental time slot.
  • Post progress pics to your business social media page’s as you go.
  • At completion of your rental time slot, post pics of your final products along with information about when and where your goods can be purchased.